We can supply brushes to fit every major manufacturer including Johnston/Bucher Municipal, Scarab, Hako, and Schmidt. We offer front brushes, side/Channel brushes and the Widesweep/ belly brushes. Our brushes are of a better quality and a far more competitive price than the OEM parts.

Precinct Sweeper Front Brushes

We manufacture a wide range of front brushes for precinct sweepers using polypropylene bristle, steel flat wire, or a mixture of both. All brushes come with bolts ready for fitting

Channel side brushes

Our channel brushes come in a range of sizes and boltings to fit every machine. We can also offer more aggressive weedrippers and our own innovative weedrip/channel hybrid brush.

Widesweep/Belly brushes

We can offer the standard boxes of widesweep segments manufactured in house, or one-piece cylinder brushes that save time when replacing and are proven to have a superior sweep.